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The history that noodle is in our country is very long, and noodle edible rises to also go to the lavatory exceedingly, can regard as not only staple food, still can make snack, the bases of noodle is cereal or the flour of legume, undertaking selling in a lot of supermarkets now, some still undertook be packinged elegantly, feed a demand to drinking however for very expensive personnelA loveForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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, often like oneself to start work make, so how does knead dough make noodle?

How does knead dough make noodle

The first, how does knead dough make noodle? Dip appears personallyA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Pink, with flour of small bowl dip, if be 2 grown men, 3 bowls small enough. Put flour recipient, the proposal chooses stainless steel1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Basin, light, can maintain so that live effort, and touch flour to be cleaned very easily also. Novice note: If your target is the quantity of 3 bowls of small flour, so, flour of this measure dip when, best a bail out two bowls small, reason, look slowly.

How does knead dough make noodle

The 2nd, add water. This one step is very crucial: Bail out a bowl of small water, add water toward flour little, want the margin along stainless steel basin, little adds water. “Little ” means, the size of current, be similar to the discharge of the opening half of bottle of common and clean water, make water slow and flow equablySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Come out. In the process that adds water, use a hand ceaselessly to go knead flour, the unit Yue Xiaoyue of place knead is good. How do this understand — go kneading with the 3 hands finger tip among, what knead every time is less, the dough that comes out later is more well-balanced, the good word of rub, those who come out is garrulous shape.

How does knead dough make noodle

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3, knead garrulous shape flour. Now, flour has become garrulous state, so next, it is a these little long-winded, amalgamative for big garrulous, finally, incorporate all big garrulous garrulous for an initiative dough. In whole process, need adds water. How many what add water, rely on your feel, cannot too dry, also cannot too wet. Too dry word, knead do not rise, too wet word, want to add bit of flour to just do not stick a hand more. Novice note: Novice when, best little at the beginning dip nods flour, because be in the follow-up process that add water, probable because too wet and need adds flour again.

How does knead dough make noodle? Want the tricks of the trade with smoother and delicate dough: Want dough smoother: Before the first pace adds water, infiltrate in dry flour an egg, with chopstick general egg and flour agitate all with hind, add; of garrulous of water rub garrulous to like to have the friend of dry noodles served with soy sauce again, in knead dough when, can add salt solution directly: Grain salt is added in the water that is used at knead dough, it is brine, with briny knead dough.

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