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Article introduction

Tomato sand manages is a kind of commonner ketchup, with tomato sand department makes noodle, can promote the person’s appetite, have the effect of very good health care, the practice also is simpler, needs data is not much also, can prepare right amount green vegetables, also can prepare a few ham bowel, can make delicate noodle so, taste more acerbity sweet, we know the way of noodle of tomato sand department below.

Noodle of tomato sand department

With makingsAdvocate makings chopped green onion a carrot half cucumber half noodle (be born) bowel of a bowl of ham sand of tomato of a complementary makings manages a few of salt of spoon of most of 3 spoon soy

Noodle of tomato sand department

1. cuts the cucumber carrot that washs clean silk, ham bowel is cut into piece reserve

2. puts noodle into the water that heats to thoroughly cook, fish out is put into cold water ~

3. cuts green chopped green onion, take out ketchup, soy and salt to reserve, touch is added in boiler salad oil firings heat ~

4. general greenShanghai night net

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The flower explodes sweet hind join bowel of ham of silk of carrot silk cucumber piece break up fry 30 seconds, department of salt, soy, tomato sand is added to continue to fry to 8 maturity after…

5. joins the noodle that has boiled in frying good food, break up fry even hind ~ giving boiler can enjoy delicate tomato sand to manageA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Chow mien ~ acerbity acid is sweet exceed delicious ~

Noodle of tomato sand department

Cooking skill

In the process that make food if do not like too acerbity sweet of the mouth OK and right amount the amount that reduces tomato sand to manage, other data also but extenuatory add, this chow mien calculates those who put rape agaric and so on also is possible, have in the home what does fry ~

Noodle of tomato sand department

The method that make

First the root ministry take out tomato, put tomato in boiled water to pass to begin to fall off till the skin next. Kongfu of about one minute, put them in cold water next, such unapt too very hot. Pare the skin of tomato next, go seed. itNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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People in the bowl that is put in to was not built, heat with microwave, until bubbly, about 8 arrive 12 minutes. Put has heated tomato into colander next, do water air. Need to be inForum of Shanghai night net

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This measure repeats in microwave oven, become us to want till tomato the sort of sticking consistency. If you put the ketchup that has done,one night freezes in freezer, meeting depart gives more liquid sauce. This affirmation can be defended than summer tomato sand department is done to be close friends in furnace edgeFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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much. Tomato sand manages is ketchup a kind of acid that adds candy, vinegar, salt to fry ripe modulation to go out in salad oil is sweet juice. Tomato sand department is shownShanghai Long Feng forum

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Acid of exquisite, flavour is sweet and shape of rufous, sauce, constitution is small have sweet piquancy. Basically use at Western-style food, if tomato sand is put on scamper pork chop and partial cold dish,manage, or use at shelled fresh shrimps of tomato oxtail soup, tomato to wait. Tomato sand department had better use vitreous bottle to pack, put ventilated and dry part, store environment avoid is hot, avoid moisture. Tomato sand manages with ketchup the biggest distinction depends on, tomato sand manages OK and direct edible, the commonnest eating potato when dip in tomato sand manages, and ketchup must be handled through cooking, ketchup is joined to break up together when making Italian range for instance fry.

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