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Everybody knows when to the person catchs a cold, be to cannot eat the alimental with a few nourishing very strong sexes, especially the food that chicken contains high protein this kind, because have patient’s conditions of these OK and aggravating cold. And having a fever in cold period is a kind of phenomenon with very common cold, duck flesh and chicken are similar it is a kind of birds in 3 everybody birds kind, have very tall nutrition egg white, if be the word that have a fever,so many people can consider, can duck meat eat in this period?

Have a fever can eat duck meat

Because have a bacterium,having a fever is likely below this kind of circumstance, the infection of ill perhaps noxiousness brings about, can eat meat of a few duck so, but should notice to drink water more, eat some of fruit vegetable more, notice heat preservation. Below this state, want to notice the hospital goes making the inspection of convention of a blood, those who notice cure. Should notice to enhance a constitution.

The cold cannot eat honey

NO-1: Do not eat honey

If you are unfortunate,the cold had a fever, so fall ill this during food is about to be given priority to with clear heat, nourishing these cannot eat. The effect with main honey is beneficial1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Enrage the cordial in filling, this during if cross much edible honey, certainly will can let your Neirede do not arrive to clear very well, and eliminate, cause very easily still a few otherer intercurrent disease.

The cold does not eat hotpot

NO-2: Do not eat duck meat / hotpot

If catching a cold, cure should be given priority to with scattered induce sweat. Pleasant of duck flesh flavour, salty, the gender is small cool. Basically be to be used at filling shade beneficial blood, clear empty is hot, benefit water, basically use at evaporate of empty fatigue bone to give out heat, cough is phlegmy little, guttural and dry, chronic enteritis should eat less, the friend that the cold has a fever does not suit edible. Hotpot Gan Wen aids heat, slant to fall at Wen Zhongnuan, and the fraud of evil having hold back. Also mix during the cold of edible!

Have a fever can eat duck meat

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Eat an egg

NO-3: Cannot eat an egg

Inside the egg accumulate containing nutrition is very rich, but cannot egg of much during the cold has a fever edible, why? Because,that is inside the egg accumulate contained protein undertakes decomposing inside human body hind, can produce a few extra quantity of heat, can make so the heighten of body quantity of heat of our human body, meeting accentuation has a fever symptom, still can extend calorific time, this can increase the patient’s anguish undoubtedly.

Caught a cold not to drink strong tea

NO-4: Do not drink thick1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Tea itself has certain life-giving effect, drink strong tea to be able to make our cerebra holds exalted position more, and still can let usLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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, blood pressure is elevatory, if this moment you are the word that the cold has a fever, so the temperature that drinks strong tea to be able to let you is elevatory, irritating. And, tea still meets those who affect medicaments decompose, absorb, reduce the curative effect of medicaments, so if you want to had hastened, estimation must procrastinate a few days again!

Have a fever can eat duck meat

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The cold does not eat caraway

NO-5: Do not eat caraway

It is inside the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine so those who describe caraway, caraway monarchs all frame-up gas, have the effect of Wen Zhongjian stomach. But what rice rice wants to say is, if you are the sort of constitution that often catchs a cold easily, should avoid to eat caraway as far as possible, should ask again why? Because, the person of this kind of constitution, the circumstance of deficiency of vital energy often can exist inside the body, eat caraway to will naturally cause a cold more frequent. So, still be avoid certain food occasionally better!

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