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Article introduction

Bag of water simmer in water is to compare common cate at ordinary times fastfood, often be used to should do breakfast to eat, the stuffing that water simmer in water wraps is specialForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Much, have Lenten, of dish having the flesh, actually water simmer in water is wrapped after all of which kinds of stuffing delicious, the taste that is him basis and hobby will decide, if family likes to eat Lenten, can match a lot of kinds of vegetable, taste taste not only delicate, and nutrition also is very richShanghai noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby
, do according to oneself taste actually, no matter be which kinds of stuffing,be delicate.

 What water simmer in water wraps what stuffing is delicious

Water simmer in water is wrapped, characteristic tradition gust is fastfood, food of the food that belong to comfort is. Be apart from already had 500 old histories today, city of bridge of traceable Tokyo another name for Kaifeng (ancient capital unseals) , primary in Hua Beihe area is very popular. Mouthfeel is fragile and not hard, sweet and not be bored with, flavour is delicious acme.

In the part such as Heibei Shandong area criterion appellation is ” fried dumpling ” , basically be in Shandong east battalion city, bank section of share of state city, Zi rich city, He lustre city circulates, basically include fry in shallow oil of He lustre water with simmer in water of benefit ferry water today the bag is most famous. Street of benefit ferry county is distributinging on the road of each a lot of characteristic ” water simmer in water includes store ” , and gold of those colour and lustreLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
Yellow, outside fragile li of tender water simmer in waterForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
The bag is 10 lis wave more sweet, let population water dc. Bag of simmer in water of He lustre water labels 10 big steamed stuffed bun of Chinese.

Practice one

① is good flour and ferment face add join Wen Shui and into dough, again buck kneads divide evenly a bit the case on Tang, hold tight becomes 40 small, roll of one by one becomes small wafer.

② fleshy chop, put cook over a slow fire of soy, refined salt, again mincing ginger, green and condiment the face is put together had mixed in the flesh, put chop again next, the Chinese cabbage of extrude moisture reachs balm, mix divide evenly becomes stuffing.

 What water simmer in water wraps what stuffing is delicious

③ becomes big round dumpling with the stuffing on portfolio, common says flat feed, on the griddle that is like fair cap to put the deep end that brushing divide evenly oil (special griddle) , filled up with till, drench cooking oil 50 grams, cover upper cover fry in shallow oil 5 minutes, enter the add inside clear water of soup of 800 grams flour to become water in which noodles have been boiled into agitate of a few flour again, cover decoct stew makes again become steam to conduct heat stew is ripe, drench again 50 grams cooking oil, cover again stew decoct 5 minutes. When bottom shows brown scene, with shovel general all around as detached as Ao bottom, turn over Ao greatly, become namely from fire. The impression is golden, anxious fragile, stuffing aroma is goluptious, beautiful of lubricious fragrance all. The person is shovelled with small shovel when edible dish inside can. [2-3]

Practice 2

1 yeast adds quiet place of a few warm water 10 minutes, join1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai
Flour, right amount Wen Shui and into dough, last on the lid film ferments;

2 from Jiang Qie end puts pork stuffing in, add cooking wine, soy souse 15 minutes of;

3 noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch are put in hot water boiler to boil first soft, fish out comes cool, chop, chinese cabbage leaf washs mincing; clean

Noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch of 4 Chinese cabbage, meat stuffing adds sesame oil together, pepper, salt, gallinaceous pink mix is even;

5 packets of good steamed stuffed bun wake 10 minutes, a few oil is added in pan, burn; of 6 good into hot platoon steamed stuffed bun

 What water simmer in water wraps what stuffing is delicious

6 decoct enter flour water after a minute (face: Water =1: 5) , the 2/5 that flour water wants to add steamed stuffed bun is in;

The boiler on 7 lids builds big baked wheaten cake to leave, turn small fire, burn till flour water dry, of bottom of steamed stuffed bun into crackling, sa Shangzhi hemp andForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Chopped green onion.

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