Eat me to write down fluctuant fist! Visional 4 made 2.5D tumble game ” force “

In SFC and PS times, SPIKE of Japanese game manufacturer has rolled out many tumble game, behave performance of lead plane of sport of bureau be confined to when face of New Year picture, exceeding actual occasion than what the manufacturer such as EA makes nowadays is great difference almost, do not spend game however fun of other one party.

Atelier of a VICO developed nowadays the name is ” force (CHIKARA Action Arcade Wrestling) ” tumble game was used namely restore ancient ways the game means of nostalgic style, what nevertheless game uses famous is visional 4 engine are developed, caught trend on the technology at least.

” force (CHIKARA Action Arcade Wrestling) ” use the 2.5D picture with commonly used game of SFC times tumble, character and field used animation effect show, and among them tumble hand still can use flight prop and lightning attack adversary unexpectedly, like market opportunity kind the player of game can pay close attention to. This game predicts in PC and family expenses machine platform is rolled out, did not fix date of put on sale at present.

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