” radiation 4 ” exposure of newest DLC nuclear world makes nuclear coke stage property

” radiation 4 ” data piece put on sale of harbour Jing fetch during, discovered according to game data a few days ago, b company still will release more DLC, the name that includes among them for instance is nuclear world DLC.

It is reported, state season ticket rises in price before Bethesda, because game will release more DLC, this nuclear world is namely among them DLC content.

Will tell normally, b company undertakes via often can using.esm document the file is extended will locate the content in game, the name is the file name that is DLCNukaWorld.esm here is the name of a DLC it seems that, nuclear coke is ” radiation 4 ” the delicacies of every kind in the world, even still the company built thematic park technically for nuclear coke. In addition, DLCworkshop02.esm and DLCworkshop03.esm file also express palpability to be after lane of the labour that abandon land it seems that, b company still will complement in succession the content of this DLC, at the appointed time this game content will be abounded further.

” radiation 4 ” data piece harbour Jing fetch will in May put on sale, of Valentine detective company brand-new the Synths colony that the case will head for an islands to search a female part and mystery is organized, the tall radiate environment here makes adventure quite dangerous, still include Synths, war of Children Of Atom, brand-new and factional task.

Include brand-new and factional job additionally, reside place set element, biology, armor, weapon, price 25 dollars, season ticket price 50 dollars.

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