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Unripe ox breast is rich contain rich immune globulin, very can efficient promotion resistance, prevent virus infection, alleviate bacterial problem, can prevent the occurrence of the disease again at the same time, bovine breast is rich contain rich lacteal iron protein, can fight oxidation, so this also is the place of effect become reconciled of unripe ox breast, main more comfortable synthesis grows medium children, still have a few adolescent, and a lot of old people and be pregnant in production1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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What is unripe ox breast

Drinkable and fresh the advantage of unripe ox breast

1.1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Contain a lot ofimmune globulin, can concentrated counteractive virus, bacterium, fungus reachs other allergen, form antibody, counteract toxin, enhance a constitution, raise immunityShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Force, reduce sicken odds;

2. ox breast contains a lot oflacteal iron albumen, can fight oxidation effectively, eliminate or control a bacterium, the growth of stimulative head cell, increase memory, raise intelligence quotient;

3. ox breast is contained a lot ofgrow factor and protein, can promote body interior system of cell of neurological, digestion, fiber, skin the growth that wait development, help rehabilitate organizes a cell, Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Stimulative cut cicatrizations, accelerate; of the rehabilitation after art

4. complement grows the calcium with indispensible development is qualitative, the growth of stimulative skeleton, tooth development.

What is unripe ox breast

Appropriate crowd

1. grows medium children, teenage, reach old age1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

The crowd; in 2. pregnant puerpera, rehabilitation

3. student, brainworker, memory drops, forgetful person;

The person that 4. is short of calcium, the easy cramp, night sweat, much person that use disease.

What is unripe ox breast

Raw milk points to commonly squeeze from milk cow body come out, had not done the primitive milk of any treatment, milk itself contains a bacterium to grow all sorts of wants part, even if be the bacterium of a bit remain on container,also can be in the ” of milk is alimentary next ” are many and progenitive.

So, raw milk cannot be drunk directly, and should pass antiseptic processing. Bright milk shows a course is antiseptic commonly the milk that handles this process, the general standard processing on international has 3 kinds: 1. Traditional cling to family name disinfection, 30 minutes maintain in 63 ℃ ; 2. High temperature is fast (HTST) cling to family name disinfection, 15 seconds hold in 72 ℃ ; 3. Superhigh temperature (UHT) sterilization, 9 seconds hold in 135 ℃ . Raw milk points to commonly from milk cow personally

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