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In numerous wine kind in the center, a lot of people like to drink wine, because bishop has certain effect to bate blood-vessel, such besides, return somebody to want to understand bishop to raise a stomach? Bishop can be protected intestines and stomach and promote digest, be opposite so of the stomach for beneficialA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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. Nevertheless, this should divide what kind of person to drink, the person that has stomach trouble does not suit to drink wine again, and the wine of other also cannot be drunk, can make stomach trouble easier accentuate.

Does bishop raise a stomach

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Red wine can protect intestines and stomach, promote digest, so, drink a few red wine right amountly, can have the certain effect that raise a stomach, but, the friend that has had stomach trouble does not drink red wine as far as possible, although the degree of red wine is smaller, but also be the alcohol that contains certain amount, the person of stomach trouble, gastric mucous membrane is original bad, drink the word of red wine, can cause stimulation to gastric mucous membrane, accentuate thereby stomach trouble. Love Shanghai is the same as a city

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2, disease of precautionary heart and vessels

A kind of more special material is contained to call former flower in red wineShanghai night net

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Pigment, can rise to prevent the action with arterial sclerotic blood-vessel, reduce the happening of cardiovascular disease thereby.

3, decrease adipose absorb

Drink red wine to be able to reduce gastric bowel path to be adipose absorption, can have certain effect reducing weight so. Want the friend that reduce weight, might as well drink a bit red wine everyday, the effect is better.

Does bishop raise a stomach

4, precautionary head thrombus

There is a kind of white black false bellebore in red wine, this kind of material can reduce the function of plaque agglutinate, reduce the happening of cerebral thrombus thereby. So, senile friend suits drink very much in some red wine, can prevent cerebral thrombus.

5, prevent breast cancer

It is OK that one kind is contained in red wine the material of antagonism estrogen, Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Can restrain estrogen synthesis thereby, can prevent the happening of breast cancer effectively. So, the tall danger crowd of breast cancer, might as well drink a few red wine everyday, conduce to mammary gland health.

Does bishop raise a stomach

Drink red wine to have the certain effect that raise a stomach, but stomach trouble patient cannot drink red wine, can accentuate otherwise stomach trouble. Actually, the advantage that drinks red wine has a lot of, besides can raise a stomach beyond, still can prevent painstaking effort1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Tubal disease, decrease adipose absorb, precautionary head thrombus and precautionary breast cancer, everybody mights as well often drinkable, effect of preserve one’s health relatively beautiful.

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