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Article introduction

Everybody knows red wine has effect of preserve one’s health, rich amino acid is contained inside, iron and vitamin, carotene waits nourishing material a moment, and the composition inside red wine defers consenescence effectively, still can prevent cancer, drinking a bit red wine everyday so is first-rate, but still had better not drink when liver has a problem, can increase hepatic burden.

Liver is bad to can drink red wine

Red wine benefit

Consider to confirm, proper and drinkable claret is beneficial to health, the SOD active that red wine abstracts is particularly tall, its fight oxidation function to want to be gotten high than be being abstracted directly by the grape much. The battalion that grapestone contains a lot ofLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Raise corporeal much phenol, its fight 50 times anile ability is vitaminic E, it is 25 times of C more vitaminic, and fruit acid still has low pH indicator in red wine the action that fights the skin that knit clean.

Cookbook of red wine health

Pear of snow of red wine dip

Material: ? Does quarrel of  of dredge of persimmon of analyse of Yang of  of post an ancient drinking vessel amuse ├ play does disclose  artful exorcise rancor?

Practice: 1. Put pear flay in arenaceous boiler, after increasing red wine and sweet part of a historical period, burn, await the smallest fire is moved to stew the 10-15 that boil when boil again minute. Put crystal sugar, slow fire stews half hours, make the color of pear becomes red. 2. Put the pear that has stewed in the bowl, be in red wine juice again all around.

Liver is bad to can drink red wine

Red wine stews an apple


1, malic flay, cut valve account with the knife that cuts an apple.

2, put the apple into boiler in (a bit deeper) that suckle boiler, had done not have an apple into red wine can.

3, fire involves in stewing the apple that boil 15 minutes with medium baking temperature.

4, the apple immerses in red wine the edible after two hours is best.


If like to be able to add candy and honey, can treat as the desert will eat.

Main effect:

Invigorate the circulation of blood changes Yu, to the female physiology period upset stomach has curative effect. Additional red wineShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Can hairdressing.

Red wine and hairdressing

Is drinking the reason with good to the skin red wine: ? What? of small box of harmonious of Lu of broken し of Piao of fan of  of Zheng of ∥ of leg of Ni of instrument of riverside of soot salty bifurcation appears in plant kingdom middling is puissant fight attaint material, contain in claret. And be put in the composition of 10 kinds of above, what contain the part that makes gules element especially, can prevent attaint workFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Sexual oxygen, effect is very apparent.

Liver is bad to can drink red wine

Postpartum drink red wine benefit to restore at the figureFall in love with the sea

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High grade red grapeLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Rich iron is contained in wine, have profit very much to the female, can have the effect that enrich the blood, make complexion becomes ruddy. In the meantime, the adipose content inside the body when the female is pregnant can have very big increase, postpartum drink a few wine, among them antioxidant can pile up with preventing adipose combustion, very helpful to the refreshment of the figure. “

Somebody can ask the likelihood, bishop is wine after all, can be the woman that is in lactation drunk? The alcohol content in bishop is not high, the person of constitution of allergy of alcohol of if it were not for, one day drinks one cannikin (about 50 milliliter) do not have a problem. The person of lactation should be drunk after lactation as far as possible, such going to next time when lactation, the alcohol inside body already by major degradation, won’t have very big effect to the baby.

Outside removing afore-mentioned effect, bishop is divided outside containing a lot of8 kinds of when human body place needs amino acid, still have rich former cyanine element and alcohol of white goosefoot reed. Former cyanine element is the example that guards a heart and vessels, alcohol of white goosefoot reed is outstanding cancer cell killer. Already more and more research show, drink certain amount wine everyday, can prevent the disease such as breast cancer, cancer of the stomach effectively. Want to remind everybody nevertheless, the wine that normal manufacturer produces must be chosen when buying. Good wine is fermented completely by the grape and become, flavour pleasant acid, small sweet, do not contain any additive. The sort of drinking rise sweeter bishop (except special technology barmy rummy outside) , joined a lot of candy, everybody is drunk less still had better.

Red wine reduces weight

Red wine can reduce weight, because red wine is medium,be contains tannic acid can restrain bacterial breed, help aid digestion effectively, the vitaminic C that its contain, E reachs carotene, also have fight oxidation function, can prevent ageing, maintain the normal metabolization of the body, A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Make bodily form won’t be followed years passes and gradually overstaffed go out of form.

Want to produce the thin body result of red wine, best drinkable before sleep. The red wine that contains a few alcohol can assist Morpheus, more the temperature of slow and can elevatory body, the night that makes original metabolism slow also can participate in adipose combustion metabolization, the grape much phenol in red wine is returned can slow body pressure, restrain pressure sex effectively eat and drink too much.

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