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Many people should have taken cool side this one is fastfood, and cool surface uses noodle to be made namely actually, and the making method of it and other noodle has again trifling and different. Before because be in,making cool range, basically be to use boiler to come out noodle evaporate, cool range just can be made after repass cold water filters. Because this is in evaporate noodle when it is the important step with necessary two sides, but be in evaporate noodle when discover noodle can be stuck together, how should be this solved?

How doesn't evaporate stick noodle together

One, how doesn’t evaporate stick noodle together

Evaporate noodle when, waited for water to leave to put noodle to the evaporate on evaporate Bi again later, bud of a soya bean can be spread first on evaporate Bi, also need not put, with conflagration evaporate1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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, 3-5 minute namely good, the noodle that such evaporate come out won’t be stuck together, do not do not have boil to put in noodle directly.

How doesn't evaporate stick noodle together

2, the clever court that instructs your noodle that boil to be not stuck into one Tuo

The first kind of method: Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby
Water boil againA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Shanghai night net
Issue noodle. Believe to have a lot of new hands the boiler below cold water can choose when boiling noodle, when just beginning to leave boiler, feel what to do not have, but as water Wen Yue jumps over heat to be able to discover misgivings, what because water is warm,this moment noodle meets is elevatory slowly molten, stuck very easily one case, some moment still can be stuck in boiler bottom very troublesome.

The 2nd kind of method: Rapid when noodle leaves boiler agitate noodle, such doingLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
Can let there is enough water resistance to block noodle adhesion to be together between each noodle, won’t make them organic can be stuck to the end of boiler more, so rapid agitate noodleShanghai Long Feng forum

Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble
Dispute constant good method.

How doesn't evaporate stick noodle together

The 3rd kind of method: Roll underwater noodle boil later turn to small fire. The good point that such doing has a lot of, the first advantage is to not allow to make noodle easily mutual stick be together or stick to the end of boiler, the 2nd advantage is the where that the water spill that allows the side that boil not easily comes out to do it is, the last advantage is province fire, when boiling noodle after all no matter conflagration or small fire place use time about the same, nature of the small fire extent that boil should compare conflagration to boil more save fire.

The 4th kind of method: Drench before the face that boil on a bit oily agitate. Do noodle surface to be able to form an oily film so, the resumptive face that boil when because having layer oily film to be in,let a face not easily be stuck, additionally this kind of method boils the face that come out sweeter.

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