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Article introduction

Some people can feel the egg is delicious, but some people feel the egg is bad to eat, a lot of people must want to match pickles perhaps dip in when eating an egg white sugar, otherwise if very difficult the following pharynx, actually the egg has what water boils to perhaps be steamed only not just, the practice of hot pepper chickenFall in love with the sea

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Very simple also, and still have absorb easily, have profit to each respects of the body, it is the most delicious that hot pepper egg fries ability?

How is hot pepper egg fried delicious
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Dish tastes characteristic

Gourmet powder had better not be put when scramble egg, this is most the common sense of at least. Because the egg contains a lot ofmany glutamic acid and one part sodium chloride, after the egg is heated, the assemble of these two kinds of material in the eggForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Into new material, formal name of this kind of materialize says to call glutamic acid sodium, the bases of gourmet powder is this kind of material, the meeting after food is adding this kind of substance has little taste. But, Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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When scrambling egg if put tasty essence of life this kind of material, destroy little taste of nature of egg itself complex badly through decomposing the gourmet powder after to be met.


Advocate makings: ? Φ ?00 is overcome, green pepper 100 overcome

Condiment: ? Moraine? refine) 20 grams, salt 3 grams, sweet vinegar 5 grams, green Chinese onion 10 overcome

How is hot pepper egg fried delicious

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The measure that make

1, use green pepper clear water abluent, go seed, cut agglomerate;

2, enter egg knock the bowl inside, with; of chopstick agitate divide evenly

3, cheer inside boiler right amount, burn heat, enter egg fluid, had fried fill a;

4, inside boiler additional cheer burn heat, put; of boiler of boil in water for a while of chopped green onion

5, put green pepper piece and refined salt, wait for green pepper piece to show emerald when, put tasty essence and the egg; that had fried

6, break up fry even, withShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Sweet vinegar gush, give boiler to be become namely.

How is hot pepper egg fried delicious

Practice 2

Feed material preparation

Fresh green pepper 150 grams, egg 3, soya-bean oil 60 grams, refined salt, balm, chopped green onion each are right amount.

1. washs green pepper with clear water clean, go seed cuts filament. Lay the egg in the bowl, add right amount salt, with chopstick agitate even.

Oil is put inside 2. boiler (40 grams) , burn heat, pour egg juice, the time that does not fry is too long, firm one caky can.

More than oil is entered inside 3. past boiler, burn heat, put bowl of boil in water for a while of chopped green onion, send a little yellow can, put green pepper silk subsequently, add refined salt to break up fry, see green pepper silk becomes emerald when, put the egg that has fried, break up fry even, use balm boil, can give boiler.

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