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Pumpkin is a kind of food that we live to see when middling at ordinary times, the method that has pumpkin is more, for example can pumpkin stews potato, can do pumpkin congee, perhaps do pumpkin cake to wait a moment, also can expect stuffing of pumpkin make it same taste is exceedingly good additionally, nutrient value is higher also. E.g. butyric pumpkin1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Stuffing, suckle sweet pumpkin stuffing to wait a moment, it we see pumpkin stuffing how be moved below is good to come we see pumpkin stuffing how be moved below eat.

 How does mix up take pumpkin fall

How does mix up take pumpkin fall

1, butter pumpkin stuffing

With makings: ? Gou Ke?8 is overcome, salt 2 grams, milk powder 15 grams, butter 68 grams, pumpkin 1588 grams, lemon juice 10 overcome

Measure: ? Humorous of G of ぁ of テ of Jian of delay of blind shipboard honest still screen of ∑   fears?589 gram. the pumpkin that has cut piece put evaporate of steam box conflagration 20 minutes (cold water enters boiler) . Put after evaporate is good cool at the same time, come loose partial lunt. Pound pumpkin into mud. Begin the makings that fry stuffing, put butter first. Join pumpkin mashed vegetable or fruit next, put milk powder, salt, maltose. Medium baking temperature breaks up ceaselessly fry, probably 1.5~2 hour, should have patience! Lemon juice is added when been fry (fresh best) , mix even, can use after spreading for cooling make moon cake, if temporary need not, can vacuumize processing, put freezer zero to save next.

2, stuffing of grandma sweet pumpkin

With makings: Flay pumpkin 300 grams, fine saccharic 35 grams, butter 45 overcome

 How does mix up take pumpkin fall

Measure: ? Does で of テ of be surprised of プ of  of bluff of honest of blind shipboard of Ga rare  go] is ǖ of dizzy ⒉ of tip of oxime of Liang  Pai able to bear or endure window? 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Inside the basin, exterior lid, last film, plunge into several alveolus with toothpick, put microwave oven next, gao Huo heats make an appointment with 3-5 minute had turned pumpkin piece and fine saccharic in putting bowl togetherLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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, use medium baking temperature first, small fire turns after, fry become stiff to stuffing makings, join butter, continue to fry with small fire, fry to suitable slippery, involve fire can

Pork pumpkin boiled dumpling


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Pork 300 grams, pumpkin 200 overcome,

Oil of flour, cooking wine, shallot end, peanut oil, balm, bad news, unripe smoke, essence of salt, chicken is right amount

1, first good meat stuffing chop, enter last stage of right amount cooking wine, shallot, Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Oil of peanut oil, balm, bad news, unripe smoke, good meat stuffing agitate according to a direction, put reserve at the same time.

 How does mix up take pumpkin fall

2, pumpkin flay, blow silk, spill a bit salt, catch with the hand, bloat a little while to be able to give water. Use cloth of bamboo or wooden utensil for steaming food to squeeze the water in pumpkin next, this juice must not fall, should use knead dough. Chop of silk of reoccupy hilt pumpkin one chop, in the meat stuffing that falls to a moment ago was cured, add essence of life of right amount salt, chicken, still be according to a direction stuffing child agitate is good.

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3, with squeeze the pumpkin juice knead dough that go out, put at the same time one Tang of Tang (about ten minutes of) .

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