Price lowest, 1 Shanghai of · each area, . . High-end periphery takes studio oneself in but outside sell 80 minutes of complete set to serve to not be restricted second

Professional Shanghai periphery
Periphery of Shanghai high end

The price 1498—2598 Complete layette Wu is not restricted 80 minutes second Take atelier to also can go out oneself
Small signal Meizi430123

It is with the person this. It is with the guest honour. I cannot give you free. But I can give you material benefit. Leaning between person and person is genuine. is not to rely on to cover a region. Sincere letter is recieved (transparent consumption) if you as it happens has need tonight, I just professional, you say a kind, I recommend what had better judge to give you, newest perhaps new personality
Friend of wolf of periphery of Shanghai high end is away on official business necessary

We advocate sincerity makes an appointment
Deposit is indifferent to in my heart important is you those who play is happy
Nevertheless my this person compares straight _ to receive nobly quite

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  • So old man people we are a bit franker
    Still have even if meet affirmed pay
    After all[……]

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    The Xia Caiwei with beautiful and coquettish appointment of ✿ of ✿ Xia Caiwei, rapid collapse! Absolutely overflow! ! !

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    ✿ meets place ✿ : Xu collects means of area inclined earth
    ✿ of ✿ network nickname: Xia Caiwei
    ✿ of ✿ netizen height: 168
    ✿ of ✿ netizen figure: 95. Pe

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  • ctoral 36D
    ✿ of ✿ netizen age: 23
    ✿ appointment costs ✿ : : 400/p.  800/PP.
    ✿ of ✿ netizen appearance: Beautiful
    ✿ of ✿ appointment manner: Tenderness is sexy
    ✿ of ✿ appointment program: YYY MY XT KJ SH 69 AA KB 360 spends K

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  • J
    ✿ of ✿ date time: 1 hour
    ✿ evaluates ✿ integratedly: Reputably
    ✿ appointment experiences ✿ : Did not come out for ages acti

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  • vity, it is increasing that I see beautiful now girl in forum, present girl is younger before, puts so that leave girl also is increasing. I am wanting to make money well, later when 0 hind when main forces comes, we just are blessed really. Present 90 hind also already very open. This girl t[……]

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    Small contain The skin is quite white, whole is more comely! ! ! !


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  • e of test and verify] : 8 Month
    [net  Renown] : Small contain
    [the ground  Area] : Xu Hui
    [meet feeling] : ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★
    [figure curve] : ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★
    [amorous feelings index] : ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★
    [technical content] : ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★
    [security] : ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★
    [sexual price compares] : 500/P
    [little sister height] : 165 
    [little sister lethal weapon] : 36C      
    [little sister color of skin] : The United States is white
    [little sister feel] : Silk slips. Exquisite
    [the little sister moans] : Bold and unrestrained. Sweet 
    [date of small letter public] : Ylysh123
    [contact QQ] : 16621079448 Chen Zongwei letters are piled up with date test and verify 333
    [appointment experiences] :
    Seek to one’s mind disturbed on the net all the time recently woman, not long ago listens before the name that small contain saw above the website LY people had said, see a netizen comment on quite pretty good also and the photogra

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  • ph is[……]

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    Can Say really, hate to part with really but girl ~

    [meet place] : Xu Hui
    [network nickname] : But
    [netizen height] : 163
    [netizen figure] : Plump, well-balanced
    [netizen age] : 20
    [appointment costs] : 600/P
    [netizen appearance] : 5 stars
    [appointment manner] : 5 stars
    [appointment program] : ML
    [date time] : 1 hour
    [evaluate integratedly] : Reputably

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  • te of small letter public] : Ylysh123
    [contact QQ] : 3021332593
    [appointment experiences] :
    BlameOften knew this fortunate

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  • ly but little sister, how to say very lucky, because but the little sister is to just do a part-time job, was discovered by me. Altho

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  • ugh but little sister skill is a little jerky, but each respect that passes me asks tone teaching falls, the little s

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  • ister is possible still, very obedient. My requirement but the little sister can try hard accomplish, send this note especially, it is to give numerous a welfare of a LY, 2 also be for the help but the little sister’s s

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  • ome more passenger source. After all but it is difficult that little sister and I say to there is a fe[……]

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    Glossal kiss and billow cry, shrink shade and running water, coquettish billow and excessive cheap. Right [elder sister of coquettish young lady] cannot extricate oneself. Inside YD of HH. . .

    [playtime] : On June 28
    [J S name] : Q520
    [J S native place] : Jilin
    [J S age] : 23
    [J S amount] : 100+
    [recreational project] : 90 minutes of SM
    [recreation costs] : 698
    [evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
    [recreation comments on] : Made an appointment with earthnut today Q520, the reason is a girl very beautiful, beautiful to invite the other beauties on stage of BL negligible T, q520 is super resemble the school in the university is beautiful before, although went a lot of years

    , but this feelings still is in all the time ~ luck is good also, q520 today also is not very busy, that available time, as it happens

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  • can be made an appointment with, fell about with earthnut, arrive after inn, find earthnut, direct belt goes to a room

    , after 2 minutes, q520 is stepping on Shan of high-heeled shoes Shan and come, although see for the first time, but sensory sincerity is quite kind still, the girl also is sweet laugh, be to ripple really in laugh heart, earthnut sees s[……]

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    [Rainbow mouth] scene room of so much, especially birdcage scene, liked too

    [playtime] : 3.24
    [J S name] : Q20
    [J S native place] : Jiangsu
    [J S age] : 19
    [J S amount] : 80+
    [recreational project] : SM
    [recreation costs] : 998
    [evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
    [recreation comments on] : This inn discovers in the card recently, BL also was to become silent very long, see the value 998, also be the small letter that lets me decide to added ant immediately, be determined one explore, paragraph of time did not come out hey skin, still be to bit of excited ~~~~ is returned to store environment really on the road that go pretty good, should be new site, the key still sees T table, the

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  • girl compares much dot of the imagination, estimate 30 the left and right sides, the individual is not to like tender younger sister very much, chose to look quite mature Q20, still be the Jiangsu girl that loves most, ~~~~ of this point assist enters P room, pleasant to see is greatly circula

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  • r bed, independent SM house let the YY that I cannot refrain from rise a[……]

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    [lane of general Tuo oriental cherry] most whole journey of belle customer service is recieved. Accompany belt talking about coquettish I pick a girl

    [playtime] : 1.8
    [J S name] S810
    [J S native place] : Chongqing
    [J S age] : 20 years old
    [J S amount] : 45+
    [recreational project] : SM
    [recreation costs] : Full-court of start business of 798 new store 798 not to deal
    [evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
    [recreation comments on] : Helped one friend spend birthday yesterday, arrived hey at 7 o’clock much at 10 o’clock, drank many wine, go out whiff sex sends wind to come, around the home 100 forest here nature first selection, hit a car to open the past directly, 10 minutes arrived, not bad, the person also is not particularly much, the heel that go upstairs 100 forest make a call, be at ease pick a person, t stage a few 30, , the price of 798 also is to want content with one’s lot, luck is good today nevertheless, s810, very reach the designated position ah feeling, figure, yan Zhi perfectly, specific LY people the photograph ~~~ that can see a manager offer today’s female advocate it is her for certain ~~


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    Emperor of shade of younger sister paper is licked go up to be stimulated very much

    Shanghai international a person of extraordinary powers power residence
    Make an appointment full-court of manager of month in and month out is naked anthology hold the post of you to carry, those who play is not how many price, those who play is a service, those who play is sincere letterMonth in and month out is online phone: 18201892793Month in and month out is online small letter: DZ13122118845Month in and month out is online QQ: 3352347132Month in and month out is online QQ group: 33

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  • 4246639

    [Chinese cabbage price ju

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  • mps floor price no matter you are what estate can consume case]The phone makes

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  • an appointment [month in and month out] the manager can enjoy member price to stand decrease – 200

    A card cost price 998 make an appointment [month in and month out] manager [enjoy member price 798 yuan]T card cost price 1198 make an appointment [month in and month out] manager [enjoy member price 998 yuan]W card cost price 1498 make an appointment [month in and month out] manager [enjoy m[……]

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